About Sheetal Sangeet

Sheetal Sangeet is a Gujarati Internet radio station specifically designed to showcase the potential of the exciting new medium of Internet radio! Sheetal Sangeet is also the first 24HRS Gujarati Internet radio station desgined specifically for adults with sophisticated musical tastes.

Our Vision

  • To educate and enlighten people about the Gujarati culture through the exposure of Gujarati music.
  • To form some sort of cohesiveness within the Gujarati community worldwide.
  • To enrich the lives of Gujaratis around the world.

Our vision is to increase the establishment of Gujarati music worldwide, and also to provide support for talented struggling artists and industry professionals. We are developing strategies to help emerging musicians from around the world, cross over the barriers of the conventional music, arts and entertainment industry and take advantage of the emerging digital marketplace for global entertainment.

Our Team

The success of our formula is not only because of the large and unique collection of gujarati music in our database, but mainly because of our team of experienced personnels who are constantly improving and perfecting SheetalSangeet Radio

Hassu Bihari - Radio Host from Canada
Rajiv Mehta - Radio Host from India

Our Clients